Sunday, September 18, 2011

Making Gas (FFV's)

Save On - Make gas (FFV's)

Hello again friends. In this article I will discuss with you the saving power of FFV's (Flex Fuel Vehicles) when making gas. Do you own an FFV? Many people own them but do not know what they are for. FFV's that are years 1995 through 2000 may not say FFV or Flex Fuel on them. Many of the older FFV's have a symbol of a leaf next to a road. The symbol can be spotted somewhere on the exterior of the car within plain sight. Flex Fuel Vehicles can help you save on gas. They are made to withstand alternative fuels, hence the name Flex Fuel Vehicle. Most FFV's are equipped to run off Ethanol. Ethanol is 15% gasoline and 85% alcohol. Ethanol's alcohol content will eventually eat through the seals of an ordinary car but not an FFV. FFV's can run off both gasoline and Ethanol. Ethanol saves you money on gas because it can be purchased at certain stations that offer Ethanol several cents cheaper per gallon, sometimes even a dollar less per gallon! So yes, you can really save on gas with a FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicle) but that's not the best part. If you own a Flex Fuel vehicle then you could be paying one dollar per gallon of gas!! How is that possible! Very easy actually. All you have to do is learn how to make gas at home! E85 and Gasohol are not the only two fuels you can make. You can also make diesel gas and hydrogen cells at home. If you would like to learn how to make gas at home (all three fuels) please go to and download your copy of "Gas Money One Dollar Per Gallon" for only 99 cents

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